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Chart of the year: the South-Korean-exports-global-EPS doom loop
A British tourist was killed and another injured in a suspected deliberate hit-and-run in Cyprus after they tried t…
Met Office issues heatwave alert for England
JUST IN: Prince William arrives in Israel on first official visit by a British royal to the Holy Land
Doctors are so tired from long shifts that they 'behave like they are drunk'
London hits 29.4C as Met Office confirms hottest day of the year so far
Grab some snacks and a blanket and hit the park for a picnic
Dealer jailed after street gang operation leads to Ipswich flat drugs raid
'An artist should be irresponsible': Kanye West discusses Trump, slavery and suicide
Such sad news. Rest in peace.
Daniel Curran: Former priest pleads guilty to sexually abusing a boy
Fire engines running out of water and having to refill elsewhere as all hydrants used at serious fire near Sutton C…
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