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Japanese engineers create real-life 'transformer'
Chicken Run is getting a sequel
For every £1 invested in mental health at school-age there's a return of more than £6 for society as a whole
Liverpool's Steven Gerrard on Rangers shortlist for manager
Facebook says AggregateIQ spent $2m on Brexit-related ads
Home secretary Amber Rudd faces repeated calls to resign over Windrush scandal
BREAKING: Roma fan who threw coins avoids banning order but gets fine - attack case due to start shortly in court
We put today's school pupils through an old tech challenge
Kate Bush writes tribute to Emily Bronte for Yorkshire moors memorial
A vote-rigger, a law student who questioned whether Isis existed and a councillor whose Facebook account shared an…
'Breathtaking homicidal violence': Latin America in grip of murder crisis
Alfie Evans's dad Tom is hoping he will be able to take him son home, after losing the latest court appeal to have…
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