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Police are seeking information on the whereabouts of 17-year-old Michaela Cardigan. #FijiNews #MissingPerson
US judge rules bars can throw out Trump supporters
Five films to see at this year's Documentary Edge Film Festival
Ruling should come as a warning, forestry industry says
New $24 million pilot scheme launched for disability support
Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan says he does not accept "the excuses'' Minister for Children Tracey Martin has made…
Budget the real test of new government
New dad Prince William struggles to keep his eyes open during Anzac service at Westminster Abbey…
New Zealand dollar falls as US bonds hit 'big scary number'
Wellington road worker shows off slick dance moves
For first time new police recruits able to be taught in Auckland:
Ministering with God’s power is the theme portrayed for the Christian Mission Fellowship International Global Missi…
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