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UPDATE: The Police National Dive Squad has been called in to assist with searching for a man who got into...
Dunedin student dodges conviction after filming girl in a shower
Suva City was packed with Fijians this afternoon who were out and about doing their Christmas shopping with loved o…
Drug-laced cake sends eight to hospital
Once again Graham's done a superb job - look at the lineup! 👏 Join them all tonight from 8pm. ✨
Boyz II Men treats underprivileged youth to a night at the movies
Fire near SH1, north of Hamilton
Weekend movie on FBC TV #Fiji
A former Fiji national living in New Zealand who was found guilty of recklessly killing a one-year-old baby in her…
Christmas is the festival of giving –Sister leba #FijiNews
Two men each charged with murder appear in court #FijiNews
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster breaks another milestone in New Zealand
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