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'Star Trek' is one of the few science fiction universes that grapple with the idea that money may someday become ob…
This device magnifies your phone to a mini TV size.
A paper just solved one of the most frustrating problems in all of computer science. And the proof is so simple tha…
This is a deepfake video of one of our writers looking like @elonmusk. Its creator has spent his career perfecting…
Greenland's Massive Ice Melt Wasn't Supposed To Happen Until 2070:
VR Soccer looks like so much fun to watch.
Drako's GTE electric supercar will be a four-motor, 1,200HP monster
Audi’s E-Tron becomes first electric car to win top safety award
PDF files are a pain to edit, but I found 4 free apps to make it easy
Screw ageism. This incubator is for 65+
What are algae blooms and why are they bad?
700,000 Choice Hotels records leaked in data breach, ransom demanded
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