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Almost 2 mln displaced persons return to their homes in Syria since 2015
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has welcomed the UN Security Council's decision to discuss tensions in the dis…
Russian Defense Minister declares 5th International Army Games closed
Months of surveillance pays off for gardaí with arrests of ATM theft gang
25th Sarajevo Film Festival gets underway
Disputed river projects are piling up in the Balkans, where more than 2,800 hydropower projects are planned as gove…
Sarajevo people drink coffee from world's largest pot
'He went out laughing' - Peter Fonda, the actor who defined counterculture on screen, has died aged 79…
Juncker to undergo urgent medical procedure
Sudan’s army, opposition sign power-sharing deal
Households in Uzbekistan will soon be getting steeper utility bills as the government nudges consumers toward a mor…
Juncker forced to return from summer holiday for immediate medical procedure
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