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What does the newly formed Irish coalition government mean for Ireland's direction on Brexit issues? @LukePField e…
Get ready for Starmer's Brexit conversion, says Patrick O’Flynn
‘Brexiteers are ignorant’ Steve Coogan’s bitter swipe at Leave voters revealed
FDR is also a cautionary tale for Boris Johnson. His policies were often confusing and counterproductive, says…
Free movement of people is key element of EU single market. Leaving it has been U.K. Brexit red line.
The Brexit Party leader said he was 'first in' to the pub, a fortnight after attending the US president's rally in…
Join @florNEWS for Oireachtas TV Debates where we discuss Brexit & EU response to Covid19 with @danobrien20
UK: ‘Brexit won’t affect Turkey’s strategic value for UK’
POLL: Is it time for UK consumers to buy British and show EU we won't be pushed around?
"I still believe there will be a deal," Hogan said today
Brexit 1776... Happy 4th!
How long will #British second-home owners in #Spain be able to stay after Brexit?
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