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Mulvaney says “the President wants a deal on DACA” but that it shouldn’t be tied to the funding bill
For Our Future, a pro-Democratic political group created by a coalition of labor unions, is aiming to raise at leas…
As I always say, I will work at any network that 1/ gives me the necessary resources to do my job 2/ never tries to…
Tabloid held porn star's 2011 interview after Trump threat
Shutdown will mess up implementation of just-passed tax law changes
A certain 70-something from Delaware is going to take note of this.
Great NYT piece by @anahomayoun on how to recognize if your child is a phone addict and what to do about it:
Optimism from the WH =>
When Twitter does Friday night news dumps....
Mulvaney on CNN: "I think there's a deal in the next 24 hours. Because of the nature of the back and forth between…
That sounds awesome, actually
Pence to hit campaign trail for 2018 Republicans via @politicoalex
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