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So much going on here!
Final version of GOP tax bill will cut taxes for rich people even more than what House and Senate originally passed.
“With this note I am signing off,” Bill Moyers says... 👇🏼
.@RepDwightEvans, thank you for your vote to impeach @realdonaldtrump. ADD YOUR NAME & demand #Congress work to…
In which I tell the story behind one publisher's intention to pulp 27,000 books
Lost on what's exactly in this GOP tax bill? Here's the summary you've been looking for:
A fun list to read -- and then spend hours watching the movies!
Military chiefs’ new posture in response to Trump’s bad decisions: respectful disobedience.
lol i forgot roy moore still hasn't conceded
Trump claims he’s fighting for coal miners, but he’s reevaluating the rule protecting them from black lung…
.@ionacraig says 27 million Yemenis "are being strangulated by the coalition tactics of creating this blockade and…
Leo Tolstoy: “Only one clear quality marks an action as either good or evil: if it increases the amount of love in…
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