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Michelle Goldberg doesn't mince words! Glad to have her on board
Russian military intelligence’s preferred candidate for US president offers thoughts on American patriotism
Brady breaks with Trump: His "divisive" comments go against what my parents taught me
The extraordinary grace and courage of @SenJohnMcCain in the face of a mortal illness is truly inspiring.
President Trump’s third Muslim ban is just as discriminatory as the two that came before it.
Charles Barkley says he's embarrassed by response to Donald Trump in Alabama -
Criticisms of NFL protests today sound a lot like criticisms of civil rights protests in the 1960s…
Just ran into Bob Costas in the CNN lobby. He had a LOT to say on @NewDay
JUST IN: Secret Service: Person detained near White House with multiple weapons
.@mlcalderone accurately notes there's been more debate about Graham-Cassidy on Jimmy Kimmel's show and cable news…
experts in state govt say idea that efficiency can overcome Graham-Cassidy funding cuts is fiction. my @CNBC column
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