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Opinion | Facebook's kid-friendly app is a potentially dangerous gateway drug
The City of Boston and hospitals are offering $100 for a gun in a regional buyback program.
Tropical Storm Brings Flooding to Philippines
"There is no doubt that Zarate’s status as an undocumented migrant drew sympathy from the jury; and after all, Kate…
Winds, danger return as Thomas fire takes aim at Santa Barbara County
Facebook admits social media can be bad if you use it in this way
Green Berets claim training standards are slipping
The decisions from @YouTube and the @sundancefest come in the aftermath of Morgan Spurlock's confessions of sexual…
Alleged serial killer indicted in Texas in fourth death
GOP tax bill slashes rates for corporations and wealthy with smaller benefits for middle class…
Being bullied by a boss or colleague at work can affect your ability to focus and function effectively.
Wounded North Korean defector transferred to South Korean military hospital
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