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"But you might call the liberation of soda pop a “pro-choice” vote. Choice is not for abortion only." #WashTimesEd
Counter-terrorism unit seeks Center City rooftop creeper
Drinking diet soda is a way to help you lose weight, right? Not according to several federal lawsuits…
Deadly accident on Ga. 400: Tire flies off truck, goes over wall, hits car, kills driver.
U.S. stocks at a record high on the 30th anniversary of ‘Black Monday’. Some investors worry a correction is overdu…
The small hope amid Northern California's wildfire tragedy
Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend across Tampa Bay (w/ video)
An Alabama company is among companies that debuted a border wall prototype. Do you support a border wall?…
Kelly didn't politicize Marine son's death. But his boss did, and some in military community are "seething."…
‘Biggest fan’ changed Jason Zucker’s life. The #mnWild winger is trying to return the favor.
Australian car making to end soon with GM plant closing
White ex-police officer convicted of fatally shooting his daughter's black boyfriend
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