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See, Michigan's UP doesn't get all the fun.
Logan Paul forced YouTube to admit humans are better than algorithms
A former FBI negotiator shares one of the best tricks you can use in a negotiation:
OnePlus customers' credit card details stolen:
Amazon updates the Alexa app so you can actually use Alexa
Lumiere London 2018 lights up the capital with interactive art
Fat is sooo good and science can't do a dang thing about it
Report: WhatsApp is testing P2P payments in India, beta rolling out this quarter
UPDATE: Twitter says it has suspended additional 1,062 accounts associated with Russia's Internet Research Agency i…
A brand new $122,000,000 for African Startups
Microsoft Office for Mac has just received a major update, with Google-style collaboration tools…
Older Brother Repeatedly Flips Circuit Breaker To Scare Sister And Her Friends Playing With Ouija Board…
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