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Ford created a noise-cancelling doghouse:
AT&T flips the switch on mobile 5G in 12 cities this week
Sick and disgusted: The worst tech failures of 2018
The scooter wars are heating up in India
This tiny boat can fly, too.
Memes are taking the alt-right’s message of hate mainstream
This AI Start-Up Constantly Monitors Kids To Stop The Next School Shooting -- And It Just Scored $16 Million Funding
Facebook, Google and Twitter were slow to respond to Russian abuse of their services, and they dragged their feet w…
How many peppers can a pepper-picking robot pick?
These are the year's best parenting hacks for teens: • Don't give your teens alcohol • What to do when your teen h…
Charter users who didn’t get promised speeds will get $75 or $150 refunds
Smart glasses are the new smartphone. And surgeon @Charlesnduka wants to use them to improve patients' mental health
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