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China envisions its "AI age" being dominated by mass-produced neural network processing chips, robots that make lif…
Dog-walking app Wag may be raising a huge round of funding
Bitcoin mines have a dirty secret
Robocar LiDAR startup has a novel pitch: You can buy our sensor now:
Facebook adds Snooze button to mute annoying friends and Pages
A look at how Estonia is building a digital society, with projects such as e-Estonia that move bureaucratic process…
E=mc² became famous for all the wrong reasons
Surely this quote from broker Thomas Peterffy is right - Bitcoin is a religion and so will go on rising in value un…
These computers boot near-instantly, they have LTE connections, they last up to 20 hours—and they run on the same c…
Google just used machine learning to find the first solar system like our own
Biggest tech fails of 2017
Uber Eats offers insurance for its European couriers
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