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Of paramount importance among its uses is to get AI to understand what’s harmful to people. (Via @Slate)
The sanctions address not just election meddling, but Russia's broader destabilizing cyberattacks, like the NotPety…
The latest Deadpool 2 trailer introduces X-Force
You don't have to delete Facebook, but you could definitely be using it better
In China, lowly vending machines are transforming into smart storefronts
10 best portable chargers and power banks:
Make your favorite mall snack at home:
If Facebook worked we wouldn't be in this mess
#Poll: Do you still trust Facebook with your personal information?
Binance, the world's biggest cryptoexchange, is moving to Malta
Thiel-Hogan vs. Gawker saga to get the TV and movie treatment
MIT's new invention can pull drinking water from desert air
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