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Security researchers have raised the alarm for years about the Intel remote administration feature known as the Man…
Google is cutting the GPU pricing for developers who want to run their own machine learning workloads on its cloud
An AI system was 100% accurate in identify forgeries of famous paintings.
The FCC's plan to undo net neutrality is about to be revealed
Tether, a startup that works with bitcoin exchanges, claims a hacker stole $31M
Uber is buying 24,000 Volvo XC90 SUVs to form a fleet of driverless cars
Earth's rotation is mysteriously slowing down: Experts predict uptick in 2018 earthquakes:
China is the top market for electric and hybrid cars, accounting for roughly half of global sales. That calls for a…
Tencent on global path as it surpasses Facebook in valuation
The top 10 gaming trends of 2017
"It’s so much more radically, politically, and psychologically interesting than anything Stranger Things has ever s…
These tree-climbing goats spread seeds by spitting
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