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"The problem is a Silicon Valley culture that celebrates the technical over the social. We disparage things we thin…
Isaac Asimov mulled the best ways to unleash creativity in this 1959 essay.
Several Huawei employees have collaborated on research projects with Chinese armed forces personnel, indicating clo…
This is how @Apple store puts screen protectors on phones.
Driverless cars could potentially make traffic a thing of the past 🚗🚗
Download scale drawings of everything at
Politicians love ripping into Facebook for privacy issues. But 81 US senators and 176 members of the House use an i…
Libra, explained
A single photon with roughly the same energy as a falling ping-pong ball just hit Earth. It’s the highest-energy ph…
Dodgeball just got a lot harder
WhatsApp test shares your Status to Facebook with one click
Bill Gates: My biggest mistake? Not making Android
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