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“It dawned on us that this was actually a massacre,” the Swedish archaeologist said. “They were basically going fro…
Good job: Arctic sea ice is full of our junk plastic
Discovery of new material is key step toward more powerful computing @oregonstateuniv @SciReports
Still flying at 86: Ukrainian pilot who survived Chernobyl disaster
It is the perpetual and proud ineptitude of those politicians who are meant to be leading us into BREXIT that start…
Twinkle, twinkle billion stars. European Gaia spacecraft’s first major data dump — the most detailed 3D chart yet o…
First actinide–metal complexes with dative bonds
The UK will scope much of the Sentinels' expansion programme - that's Sentinel-7 and beyond. These are missions tha…
Drug policy reform activist training, this weekend
Jeff Bezos funds Blue Origin with $1B in Amazon stock per year
When science meets art: Daniel Zeller explains how science informs and inspires
Bam! Cannon Experiment Shows How Asteroids Delivered Water to Earth
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