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Born #onthisday 1910, astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. Read about his stormy dealings with Eddington…
pleased to say that Daniel Kitson is joining @billybragg and the rest of us for this now superlative benefit bill
Protein 'can stop viruses developing'
Gold, silver, platinum, uranium — they all come from a neutron star collision.
Die erste Schiffsfahrt meines Lebens war von Bremerhaven nach Helgoland. Und das in einem Sturm... #TBT
Happy Birthday William Cheselden! 18th C surgeon & the 1st to write a fully accurate description of the anatomy of…
29 days after Maria hit Puerto Rico, 78.4% have no power, 28.42% have no drinking water.
Rising carbon emissions don't only hurt the planet — they'll take a toll on our bank accounts as well:…
A second Renaissance is happening, and scientists must help to ensure that science is not overrun by politics:…
How Far is Earth from the Sun?
New research proves that #birds and flying reptiles were friends, not foes
With love from @astro_paolo - enjoy all his images from space in his @Flickr gallery #Vitamission
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