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Aerial footage offers a rare view of groups of sharks feeding on schools of fish
Help us caption this photo by #YourShot Photographer Franka Slothouber:
2.5 times speed limit. Killed couple. No prison. And: "he would not be able to complete community service because o…
The nuclear stalemate is crumbling – what are our options?
Snoozing jellyfish give clues to the origins of sleep:
Frog brains are busy long before they’re fully formed.
Engineers explore #origami to create folding spacecraft
The #EO #OpenScience conference is starting now! Follow the @EO_OPEN_SCIENCE livestream via:
Zero waste is an impossible dream, but that shouldn't stop us from trying to beat our throwaway culture…
Cosmic Kittens: Saturn Features Get Feline Names
8 people killed by drivers like this 2011-2015. Our transport secretary does it. Where's the outrage?
Using multiple antibodies is "the most promising approach" to blocking HIV infection in humans.
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