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You are going to move forward from this.
Change: The Sixth Sense @LollyDaskal
Honored and humbled
Your true power is not in your difference, but in your consistency of being different. ~@LollyDaskal #Leadership #quote
Taking your partner for granted is a silent killer in relationships. All a woman really wants is for you to take...
Eat One Of These 5 Doctor-Approved Breakfasts Daily To Protect Your Heart by @drjkahn
Attention: Here’s the Lazy Guide to Improving Your Willpower -
Celebrate Black History Month with Kadir Nelson Day 9
"Writer’s block is only a failure of the ego." — Norman Mailer #TuesdayThoughts #Writing
Next time you try gauging a guy's sexual prowess, focus less on his swagger and…
4 Essential Steps to Learn or Improve Any Skill More Effectively -
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