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Steve Jobs quote and Walt Disney in Tools of Titans. #Repost @decodeliving ・・・ Thank you ...
When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind. ~ @thereaIbanksy #mindfulness
4 Strategies To Rid Yourself Of Seasonal Allergies For Good, A Doctor Explains by @markhymanmd
What Do Wish You Had Learned When Younger?@LollyDaskal
Which style of meditation is best for you? @DanielGolemanEI
The Music You’re Listening to Is Keeping You Broke
22 Inspirational Leo Tolstoy Quotes -
Be wise because you know what it's like to be foolish. @LollyDaskal #quote
You don’t stop loving someone, you just wait for that love to change.
The case for investing over saving
Vanessa Marin has tips for those times when mismatched sex drives are causing tricky moments in a relationship.
Patriotism isn't about making everyone stand and salute the flag. Patriotism is about making this a country where everyone wants to.
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