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Kremlin Refutes Claims Putin Was Angry with Assad over Plane Crash
Emirates, Etihad deny reports of merger >>
Law, religion and disorder in Arab states - by Hatem Bazian @HatemBazian | DS Column
Terrorist attack on Iranian military parade, multiple casualties -
Turkish-Russian cooperation, from foe to partnership By @ErginSedat1
US Threatens China with More Tariffs If Beijing Dares to Retaliate
2 killed when small #plane crashes near Missouri #airport
Locations of the ten roads in Qatar with mobile radars (Saturday, September 22, 2018)
Sat. 22-9-2018 average currency rates in KD: - USD 0.303 - GBP 0.401 - EUR 0.358 - INR 0.004 - PHP 0.005 Rates ar…
#Iranian Maneuvers Near Strategic Strait of #Hormuz
Erdoğan says CHP shares in İşbank, which were inherited by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, should be given to Treasury…
#Cartoon| Amjad Rasmi
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