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Gülen’s nephew sentenced to 7.5 years by Turkish court
"The Palestinian question is an integral part of the global struggle for justice, and a litmus test for our capacit…
#BritishAirways announced on Tuesday it will resume flights to #Pakistan in June, a decade after suspending them in…
Israel joins UN critics of Russia’s ‘occupation’ of Crimea
#UAE salaries to increase amid competitive landscape
Armed Israeli settlers raid Saint Saba Monastery near Bethlehem
#BREAKING: #SaudiBudget2019 - A 9% annual increase in revenues to SR 975 billion
Saudi Arabia just revealed its 2019 annual budget ▪️ The kingdom estimates spending to reach 1.106 trillion riyals…
Alice Walker endorses anti-Semitic tract in NYT feature
Another child marriage shocks Egypt
"The first visit by an Arab head of state to Damascus since the start of the Syrian conflict is extremely significa…
Over half of migrants arrested were from #Yemen, fleeing the war being waged by #Saudi #MigrantsDay
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