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1.5km of this river in Indonesia was covered in rubbish.
⚡️ #BREAKING ⚡️ We have been informed of journalist and Press TV news anchor Ms. Marzieh Hashemi's arrest and impr…
Happy Amazigh New Year 🎆
"I want to be independent, travel, make my own decisions - on education, a career, or who and when I should marry"
BREAKING U.S. State department official confirms U.S. citizen killed in Kenya
According to Unicef, the UN’s agency for children, eight were killed by the freezing cold in the Rukban camp on the…
BREAKING Gunfire resumes in Kenya hotel Islamists attack
Palestinian woman petitions court to visit father’s grave inside Israeli army base | #Palestine
#Makkah governor opens the new 13-floor #GrandMosque #Library, with a section housing thousands of rare manuscripts…
Forgetting Lincoln: Why is America Friends With the House of Saud?
An Istanbul prosecutor on Tuesday applied for an Interpol “red notice” to be issued for Turkish NBA player Enes Kan…
Winter weather has killed 15 displaced children in Syria: U.N.
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