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French President Emmanuel Macron urges US to preserve Iran nuclear agreement
Yemen's children have been forgotten by the world for too long
#BREAKING: Pakistani court disqualifies foreign minister from parliament
An in-depth look at the health of regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran
‘Yeşim’ the cat waits in line for turn in crowded shop: Turkish butcher @frausimsek reports
#Malaysia releases photo of 1 assailant in Palestinian murder
Haniyeh: Great Return March to continue after 15 May | #Palestine
Peter Oborne weighs in on Channel 4 documentary on the origins of IS violence
#Recipes: Beat the heat with cold soups.
Cardinal to Saudi Arabia: Christians should not be second-class citizens
Astronomers discover a spectacular pileup of 14 starbursting galaxies from 12 billion years ago and it's unlike any…
How Emirates flyers can check in luggage from home
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