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Imran Khan has just been officially elected as Pakistan's new PM. Here's what you need to know about him:
Pakistani lawmakers elect Imran Khan as prime minister
BREAKING: Imran Khan officially elected Pakistan's Prime Minister
Lawmakers in #Pakistan|’s lower house of parliament elected former cricket legend #ImranKhan as the country’s new…
#BREAKING: #Pakistan's lawmakers elect former cricket star #ImranKhan (@ImranKhanPTI) as prime minister for the nex…
#BREAKING: @ImranKhanPTI elected 22nd prime minister of #Pakistan
BREAKING Report: Attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City
A Fatah official tells MEE: “It’s no secret that Israel and the USA are working on creating a [mini] state in Gaza…
'The extreme suffering' of Afghans, caused by war, continues. #Afghanistan #KabulAttack
James F. Jeffrey, the former US ambassador to Ankara known for his views closer to Turkey's position in Syria and c…
BREAKING Report: Seven injured, two critically, in Gaza border clashes
World’s oldest cheese discovered
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