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Speed is at the core of the global road traffic injury problem. Save lives, #SlowDown!
Any opening in the skin can get infected. As your wound heals, look out for these 5 signs:
The highly contagious norovirus can tear through cruise ships, classrooms, and other crowded spaces. More info:…
7 packaged foods that can help you lose weight:
Sex is way more than just fun
5 Detox Practices You Can Do Every Single Day by @LoveBugPro
Dying at home rather than in hospital, elderly Japanese "go to the afterlife quietly"
9 ways to finally lose that stubborn belly fat:
Need a little motivation to get moving? Look to these women in their 70s and 80s who are totally crushing it.
Why I stopped drinking alcohol (more or less).
Tattoos could cause long-term health issues.
6 Doctor-Approved Ways To Stop A Panic Attack (And How To Prevent Future Anxiety) by @wellaware_
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