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"Screw this, we ain't gonna like settle for these [other genres], we're just gonna make our own." @StBeautyband
How to look chic in the cold:
In the case of Harry Uzoka, a model who was stabbed to death by another model and his friend, more details have eme…
This is the celebrity wedding everyone was talking about the year you were born:
Meghan Markle has (reportedly) already found her wedding dress
#RetailLab resident Jonathan Meizler of @titleofwork is kicking off our newest digital series, #HowItsMade, where w…
Michelle Williams Was Paid Almost 10 Times Less Than Mark Wahlberg for 'All the Money in the World’ via…
The 14 most show-stopping ankle boots of Spring have arrived:
Let's make a bet: These ankle boots will be all over fashion week
Get hands-on education on how to code and make your app functional
6 mistakes you're making at the hair salon
From kitten heels to animal stripes, these are the 8 biggest trends of Pre-Fall 2018:
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