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“Despite the ‘angry Black woman’ accusations that have come about Chikesia’s behavior at the Waffle House, cursing…
.@KimKardashian continues to one-up herself in the beauty game.
In praise of @kirstendunst, the most underrated actor of her generation
Why You—Yes, You—Need a F*ck-Off Fund:
Independent fashion magazines are seeing a resurgence. How are they making it work?
Queen Elizabeth made a formal request to appoint her successor.
Rihanna Shared the First Look and Launch Date for Her SavageXFenty Lingerie Line
Karla Cornejo Villavicencio–a writer, PhD candidate in American Studies at Yale University, Emerson Fellow, and the…
Wendelborn just launched the coolest white jeans ever:
From @selenagomez to @ladygaga, these celebs have kept it real about their mental health 🙌
A stay at the former @Versace mansion might just be too much fun to resist, if you can afford it.
31 of the most beautiful Chanel dresses we've ever seen:
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