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Arrival of foreign tourists’ ups by 15% in Nov
Melt Away 6 Pounds Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat in Just 14 Days... -Spon
Berry farm owner convicted of human trafficking
"High current account surpluses could prompt other governments (Donald Trump for example) to retaliate."…
Ria Formosa - capsized dredger to be refloated this weekend - hopefully
Bitter results for Greens and Reds
#Palestine: President Abbas fears that #SaudiArabia will back a new #US-led peace negotiation with #Israel, despite…
Italy breaks up Chinese crime ring, arrests 33
Deco says Portugal's banks have “no known legal basis” to block bitcoin transactions
From the start it's been a target that the Social Democrats have fought to commit to. @jrblau @DonataRiedel #NATO
Protest again rise in price being held in Yerevan - PHOTOS + VIDEO #Armenia #Yerevan
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