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International Migrants Day celebrated at ministry event @Refugees #Greece
€3.1m repair bill for school almost as high as original construction cost
EU approves state aid for microelectronics project
Turkish man turns old van into ‘pleasure’ venue
A political earthquake hit #Armenia last week, as the population voted in what has been labelled their nation’s fir…
Russian media watchdog says options of blocking Facebook, Google not under consideration
Commissioner #JohannesHahn has said there is no room for renegotiating the Swiss deal - in an echo of the EU's line…
Names of Nobel Prize winners were leaked: report
Turkish recession deepens ahead of local elections
Are French prisons churning out jihadists? #France #Terror #Strasbourg
EU will allow France, Germany, Italy and the U.K. to allocate over $9 billion for research centers and companies to…
'The abuse won't stop for Christmas' - domestic abuse helpline anticipating spike in calls
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