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.@c_lindner, head of the FDP, proposed merging Germany’s foreign and development ministries into a “globalization ministry.” @sternde
Kim Jong Un or Sergei Sobyanin?
'Our face has always been to Europe' says Turkish FM
Update: Two men sleeping rough found dead in Drogheda and Dublin last night
Watch live as any moment now, Dublin students will make a landmark call to the space station
CHP head slams Erdoğan over mayors’ resignation
Polish lawmaker sees no reason to demolish Soviet Army monuments © AP Photo/Czarek Sokolow…
France to pay big firms 10 billion euros after court blocks dividends tax
Armenia announces 17 percent military spending increase
Rights group urges U.S. to ‘loudly and clearly' support #LGBT community in Tajikistan
Childminder fired after refusing to take kids shoe shopping during Storm Ophelia
From Mandela to Malala: Sakharov winners that won the Nobel Peace prize
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