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[Ticker] Dutch PM: Catalan crisis is not a #European issue
Berlusconi says he wouldn't have sent police to block Catalan vote
#Pavlopoulos to #Turkey: 'There are no grey zones in the #Aegean' #Greece
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North Korea allowed Singaporean photographer to fly above Pyongyang
'Denmark should not accept EU's 'mandatory' refugees': Danish People’s Party
Senior Turkish politician praises #Bosnia's Wise King #AlijaIzetbegovic
Two arrested in northern #Greece on FYROM wiretap charges
CHP warns Erdoğan not to meddle in their municipalities | Turkish Minute
Italy breaks up a Libyan gang smuggling low quality fuel into Europe
'We need trade deals': Swedish PM opposes Macron's call to slow down
EU leaders arriving at Brussels summit are having their say on Catalonia crisis. Follow our live blog here:
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