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Putin and the avoiding of the name @navalny
'Whizz-kid' forms right-wing Austrian government
World court will prosecute crimes of aggression
#ThisWeek Macron convinces Merkel to hold key debate on future of euro in March
“It’s as dry as a desert” – how the once rainy Galicia lost its water supply
Millions watch Donald Trump judge nominee struggle to define legal terms
You found the perfect present online but #parceldelivery price is too high? This week, we reached an agreement to m…
South Korea spy agency says it suspects North Korean involvement in recent hackings into cryptocurrency exchange
Austria's mainstream right, far-right to form anti-immigration government
#Romania expecting a clear signal from EU next year over its accession into the #Schengen area, before it takes rot…
Le Pen, Wilders to meet European far-right leaders amid protests
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