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Putin, Erdogan confirm mutual interest in expanding partnership ties
Palm oil giant still linked to Indonesia logging: Greenpeace
Heatwave could bring UK's hottest temperature of year
Tens of thousands of political prisoners were being held in Turkish prisons, wrote the organisations, which include…
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right Zsa Zsa?
The protest came a day after demonstrators forced two major mobile phone and electronics shopping centers in the Ir…
Most of us only celebrate the New Year once, but the Sakha people of #Yakutia revere an ancient tradition which sym…
#UN offers to help #EU's migrant 'disembarkation' plan
Claude Turmes: ‘In Council, I will continue running the show for Europe and the planet’
African Muslim officials hail Erdogan reelection
Three men sentenced over attack on Gothenburg synagogue
Unlike Putin's Russia, Erdogan's Turkey had a vibrant political culture and a strong opposition. These differences…
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