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Global warming is a gut punch. We talked with @stripeygirlcat about how to cope with climate despair:…
To fight global warming, some say humans will have to manipulate the climate system. Is it a good idea?…
GOOD NEWS: New Mexico says it will restore evolution, global warming, and the Earth's age to its science standards
New NASA data from 2015, an exceptionally warm year, raises more concerns about spiraling global warming feedback
The Senate’s top climate advocate explains why Congress is doing nothing about global warming…
Very interesting, and an unfortunate reminder the approaching #climate tipping point
Climate change is aiding gold miners' pursuit of cold, hard cash in Northern Canada
Trump's new environment advisor has called CO2 the “gas of life”, renewables “parasitic,” and global warming "dogma"
Global warming could make this lurking climate threat even worse:
Martin Wolf: The world's poorest are the innocent victims of climate change
The First Climate Model Turns 50, And Predicted Global Warming Almost Perfectly via @forbes
Erosion & rising tides are affecting beaches across Brazil. Article never uses “climate change” or “global warming.…
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