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In his new Netflix series, Spike Lee has created his most nuanced female character yet
Ultimate Proof That Apollo Moon Landing Was Fake? #ApolloMoonLanding
Sunny Pawar to star in Travelling Light's 'Chippa' (exclusive)
Nightfire: how a forgotten video game could save the James Bond films from terminal mediocrity
China Box Office Passes $7.5 Billion Landmark
#HowTheyDidIt: #ErikNelson’s Doc #AGrayState Required a Descent into the Mind of Madness
#Noirvember “The Big Heat” Shows Society On The Boil
From page to screen, the spirit of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' is a perennial favorite of the season
Another lovely blog about the @ICOtweets Screening Days experience from a Film Hub SWWM member, Claire Marshall fro…
Know a strong emerging documentary producer with a project in the works? Encourage them to apply for Sundance's Doc…
Imagine: GOP allows deficit increase of $1.5 trillion and yet Senate plan will raise taxes on 50% of households whe…
#JusticeLeague is the #1 Movie in the World. Get your tickets and see why:
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