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Happy birthday, #AlPacino! Al has 56 acting credits on #IMDb. Which role is your favorite?
Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling star in Damien Chazelle's #FirstMan biopic about Neil Armstrong. Inside today's…
.@LadyGaga's #AStarIsBorn trailer is giving critics Oscars chills
Here's what the #AcademyMuseum means to women in film. Join our e-mail list to be the first to receive exclusive c…
In one month, #HanSolo will be landing in IMAX.
.@CosmoJarvis @BarryKeoghan to star in 'Calm With Horses' for Fassbender's DMC, @AltitudeFilms, @Film4 (exclusive)…
17 Great Movies Completely Rejected by the Oscars in 2018
Get ready to see these talented women in upcoming Paramount movies!
A sequel to #AQuietPlace is in the works:
Tom Cruise Wows CinemaCon With Story of ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ Stunt
Jurassic World 2 Has the Most Animatronic Dinos Since Jurassic Park
Avengers: #InfinityWar spoiler-free review: "Bold, ballsy, satisfying, and dramatic"
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