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Ooh, does @KendallJenner have a new man???
Very clever.
Jets Player Robby Anderson Arrested, Threatens to Nut in Eye of Cop's Wife
OMG, Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell on the same runway?!
Star Daniel Brühl talks about #TheAlienist's timeliness in terms of issues like government corruption, anti-immigra…
Sister, Sister is coming back and this might just be the best news ever
When did Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get married, when was baby Chicago born and how many children do they have?
Prince Harry had revealed the one food he's never eaten - do you like it?
Cricket ace Shane Warne becomes Fatboy Slim in bizarre TV ad
Dennis Rodman checks into rehab after DUI
Kim Kardashian confessed surrogacy is harder than pregnancy!
Brits believe money really CAN buy you happiness
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