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AAAAAAAGH!!! Tell us the truth @nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas !!!
WWII Sailor Photographed Kissing Woman in Iconic V-J Day Celebration Dies at Age 95
Armie Hammer is reportedly in talks to play Batman!
Several ex-staffers praised Klobuchar—and even suggested that recent horrible-boss horror stories reflected a sexis…
The Super Snow Moon Is Here! Everything You Need to Know About the Year's Biggest Super Moon
‘Friends From College’ Canceled After Two Seasons
Duchess Meghan is in the Empire State of Mind!
Keira Knightley is joined by co-stars Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke at the premiere of #TheAftermath
Is THIS @JussieSmollett's motive??
Cassie and Caelynn defended themselves to Colton on #TheBachelor, but did they sway him?
"Gaga's increasingly confident performance, culminating in that big, showy wail, amounts to an object lesson in ste…
Oscar Week 2019 Parties & Events: The List
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