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Lionel Messi wins fight to register himself as trademark
“Just pay attention, open your eyes, keep your head up and focus on what you’re doing.”
important point - there is a difference between a “deportation” and a “removal” - latter includes people like this…
Watch the incredibly detailed work that goes into creating prosthetic eyes
#5things -Iran doubts -Decision day at the ECB -Deutsche Bank retrenchment -Markets flat -Earnings, earnings, ea…
... so numerous cases of people who went on holiday, refused return... don’t count as deportation...but could count towards removal target
Facebook says AggregateIQ spent $2m on Brexit-related ads
Googling it does not make you an expert.
Subway expects to close about 500 stores in North America this year
Over the past six months, a project to upgrade Paris’s sprawling bike network has rendered it largely unusable
19 stunning photos show what the radioactive area inside the Chernobyl nuclear plant looks like 32 years after the…
EU moves to regulate tech giants' business practices
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