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Puerto Rico’s governor said late Sunday he still had not been able to establish contact with six municipalities
Target said the new rate will apply to current staff as well as 100,000 temporary holiday workers
What will today's loyalty test be from Dear Leader? An attack on women's volleyball? Dutch people? Peanut M&Ms?
These tubes might be the quickest way to evacuate buildings
Brent crude rises to 8-month high as OPEC and Russia say cuts are working
.@Target is giving its workers a raise.
Target raises minimum hourly wage to $11, pledges $15 by end of 2020
#PuertoRico is not safe.
What does the AfD stand for? Here is everything you need to know about the big winner in Germany's election…
Target plans minimum-wage hike in tightening job market—pledges $15/hr by 2020
Watch the incredibly detailed work that goes into creating prosthetic eyes
Global stocks struggle to find traction after Merkel’s win
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