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State media ridiculed for claim women never harassed in Chinese culture
I will burst crackers, it’s Diwali tradition: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan via @TOICitiesNews
S. Korea denies media reports of Moon administration opposing Trump's DMZ visit
What’s that in my brew? Singaporean student works wonders with coffee foam
This Deepavali, Twitterati are celebrating with a #pollutionfree and #crackerfreeDiwali
মাত্র ৮৬ দিনে ৩০ পারা কুরআন মুখস্থ করে হাফেজ হওয়ার সম্মান প
Wong Li Lin: former ballerina, actress, entrepreneur, and now a public servant
Family outing at beach goes awry, one son swept away by waves, another warded in ICU
Man arrested for leaving bag unattended at 2 MRT stations on the same day
Japan’s lunar probe discovers moon cave, which may be optimal base for space exploration
China retains the world's largest number of mobile phone users by August: 1.38 billion, or 100 percent of the popul…
Chinese banks saw net foreign exchange purchases of 300 million U.S. dollars in September
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