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Sky News/politics

Independent Guardian
Telegraph Times Online Election 2010

Yahoo News UK Elections
The Scotsman/politics
Financial Times/UK elections 2005
News Wales Belfast Telegraph
ITV News
Financial Times/UK

Daily Mail Express
Daily Mirror Sunday Mirror
Daily Star News of The World

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UK Polling / blog poll tracker

Election Resources
Political Directory of worldwide political sites (parties, organizations, governments, media) Candidates, election diary, election explained, opinion polls... Party news, manifestos, interviews, political news Political news and books Information about your MP - appearances in Parliament, Register of Members' Interests, expenses

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LSE Election Blog

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Labour wiki news
Scottish Labour Party news
Welsh Labour Party news

Lib Dems wiki news
Scottish Lib Dems news
Welsh Lib Dems news

SNP wiki news

Plaid Cymru wiki news

UK Independence Party wiki news

Socialist Party Eng & W wiki news

Scottish Socialist Party wiki news

Conservatives wiki news
Scottish Conservatives news
Welsh Conservatives news

Green Party (Eng&Wales) wiki .news
Green Party (Scotland) wiki news
Green Party (N. Ireland) wiki news

Democratic Unionists wiki news
Sinn Féin wiki news
Ulster Unionists wiki news
SDLP wiki news
Progressive Unionists news

British National Party wiki news
The Respect Party news

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